My Easter Adventure!

In the preparation for leaving for lecture recess, I nearly forgot to catch you all up on my Easter break travels.  After two days of failing to understand the public holiday bus schedule, Jules and I finally decided to jump on the ferry and go to Magnetic Island on Sunday.

The Magnetic Island ferry.

When we arrived, we settled into Foresthaven, a quiet little hostel in one of the less traveled bays.

Foresthaven Hostel

We then hopped on a bus (getting it right this time), to Bungalow Bay Koala Village.  We took a tour of the exhibits, and were able to hold crocodile, feed a cockatoo by letting it take a seed from my mouth, and see a wombat.  The highlight, of course, was seeing and petting a koala.

Petting Matilda the Koala

Holding Barbie the croc!

The night was topped off with a visit to Alma Bay, and a delicious meal at the cafe.

Alma Bay just after sunset.

The next morning, Jules and I woke up early to buy some lunch food at the grocery store (cheese quesadillas since we forgot a cooler for hot dogs) and called a scooter rental company.  After a crash course in scooter driving for Jules, we were off on our scooter adventure.  Along with the spectacular weather, we got to see the beautiful scenery Magnetic Island has to offer: sandy beaches, crystal clear water, and vivid plant life.

A view of Radical Bay

The island has a bunch of forts remaining from WWII, so we got the opportunity to visit some of these.  We also got to see some of the local wildlife, including a wild koala and Rock wallabies.

A little rock wallaby with a joey.

The wild koala we saw on the Forts walk.

The day was ended with a bit of a surprise.  As we were driving to one of the bays, we were pulled through a random DUI checkpoint, in our scooters.  We were all clear of course, but it was an interesting experience.  It must have been the intimidating helmets that tipped off the cops….

Our little moped gang.

Anyway, I’m heading off to Cairns now for lecture recess, where I’ll be hiking in the rainforest and snorkeling the reef.  Until then, g’day.

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