More of the Australian Experience

Since I’ve arrived in Townsville, I’ve been doing all I can to experience what Townsville, and all of Australia has to offer.  These past two weeks, however, I experienced a part of Australia that I didn’t really try (or want) to experience: healthcare.  About two weeks ago, I came down with a crappy case of pink eye.  I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised, being how accident prone I am, but I wasn’t expecting to have to deal with the health system this fast.  If it had been a common cold, I would have had no problem just not going to the doctors and letting it pass, but I figured I should probably get this checked out.

Since I’m studying abroad, international students are equipped with OSHC, or Overseas Student Health Care. This covers doctors appointments, and other basic services.  When they gave us the card, the University told us that in the nearby hospital, there was a clinic, UniHealth, that accepts the OSHC cards.  Before we walked over, we decided it would probably be best to call to make sure they would accept walk ins.  Much to my dismay, they did not, and the nearest appointment was a week later.

Thankfully, with help from the international office, we found another clinic a bus ride away that would accept the policy.  I got an appointment that day, and the process was really quite fast.  I got antibacterial eye drops that would clear up my eyes in two days or so.  Or so I thought…

As the week went on my eyes got worse, so we went off for another appointment.  Unfortunately, it ended up being viral, so there was no medication that could cure what I had.

The Australian sun, though beautiful, was a little rough on the eyes.

So for a week, I dealt with the quite annoying symptoms, nearly  being blinded with the bright Australian sun.  Although it was an unfortunate happening, it did give me the experience of working with another country’s healthcare system, something I will remember for my whole life.  But there’s no need to worry now, everything has cleared up just in time for spring break.

Just a sneak peek at where I'll be spending my Spring Break.

I’ll be snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns, so I’ll be sure to take plenty of pictures and blog when I get back!



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  1. Posted by Jayne on April 4, 2012 at 9:59 pm

    So glad you are better for Spring break – we miss you! Love, Karl and Jayne


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