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Catch up time!

So yes, I know, I’ve dropped the ball with the whole blogging thing.  I’ve been wanting to post for a few weeks now, but either I keep forgetting or when I do remember, I don’t have the time.   Well there’s a lot to catch up on.  Since I last blogged, classes have started.  So far, they’re going pretty well.  Although they’re not all quite like I expected, I guess that’s what studying in another county is about.  It’ll take a while to get used to the way they do classes.

We’ve also taken time to climb Castle Hill.  It’s mountain that sits up against downtown Townsville and looks over The Strand.  We walked the goat path, which was a fairly steep hiking path straight to the top.  The view of Magnetic Island was absolutely amazing.


We’ve also been looking around for churches, and we’re currently going to Townsville’s Cathedral.  As you can see, it’s quite a beautiful place.


Although the semester started off without a drop of rain, the rainy season finally kicked in last week.  From last Thursday to Sunday, we got 15 inches of rain.  Since campus is higher in elevation that the rest of Townsville, we didn’t get much flooding. But the floods, along with a “mini-tornado,” that went through town, caused some pretty bad damage in some places.  On some of our bus rides we were able to see where the tornado went through.  But no need to worry, campus is safe and sound.

Since its been raining, we’ve had the chance to visit Townsville’s aquarium called Reef HQ.  What’s interesting is that Reef HQ has a massive reef enclosure, where they’ve taken coral samples from the Great Barrier Reef and made a sample reef.  The top is open to the air, and they have machines that mimic the surf on the reef.

The view from on top of the reef exhibit.

Something else cool about Reef HQ is that they have a large turtle hospital, where they take injured Green Sea Turtles and rehabilitate them to be reintroduced into the wild.  We were able to take a tour and see some of the turtles.


This week, finally, it cleared up after about 2 weeks of rain.  Jules and I got a chance to head down to the beach, including one time at night. We were surprised to see that where they set up swimming enclosures, they light up the beach.  It was nice to be able to sit and enjoy the beach without having to worry about getting burned.


So I hope this did an ok job at filling you in.  I’ll definitely try not to go so long without writing a blog again.