I’ve been super busy since my last post.  Last Saturday, we spent a day at the Strand, which is the most popular beach in Townsville.  Since we are in the middle of Box Jellyfish season, you can only swim in the stinger enclosures.  They have two areas netted off to swim in on the beach, but the nets aren’t 100% guaranteed to keep out stingers.

There is also a filtered pool called the Rockpool.  It’s still ocean water, but it’s just put through finer filters so there is no chance that Jellyfish can be in there.  We hung out there for a while, then stopped at one of the many fish and chips shops on the Strand for dinner.


The Rockpool at the Strand

On Sunday, we headed down to Ross River, a river that runs nearby campus.  It’s slow moving and warm, so it was great to swim in.  There were also rope swings tied to some trees on the bank that we got a chance to use.


These are the trees with the swing. You can kinda see the rope hanging from the right branch

The rest of the week has been filled with orientation meetings, games, and events.  Although I’m adjusting to the time well now, I still find myself getting tired around 11 with all of the stuff I’m doing during the day.  In addition to some University sponsored events, we’ve had events that are just with our Hall, like a tavern night, lawn bowling, and a toga party.  This weekend, O-week is finishing off a music festival.  It’ll be nice to have a relaxing weekend before classes finally start up again on Monday.


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    You ought to write here just a wee bit more.


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