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One Week Left!

For the past month, when asked when I was leaving, I would just reply, “Oh, not till February 5th, I’ve got plenty of time.”  This week while packing and making some final arrangements, however,  it set in that I’m leaving next Sunday.  In fact, it was just last week before I realized I could start packing, being that I certainly won’t be needing many sweaters and jeans where I’m going.

Speaking of where I’m going, for those of you I haven’t talked to, I’ll be studying at James Cook University in Townsville QLD, Australia.  Townsville is on the north-eastern coast of Australia, pretty much in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef.  When I get there, it will be in the low 90’s/high 80’s, and when I leave in June it will be in the low 80’s/high 70’s.

The entrance at James Cook

The campus is about 20 minutes outside of downtown Townsville in a more rural area, but I’m still pretty okay with living 20 minutes from the beach.

Anyways, I’m sure this week will be busy with getting everything ready to go, but I’ll try to get another post in before I leave on Sunday.

Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today. It is already tomorrow in Australia.

-Charles Schultz